15 Nov 2017

Variations on Leonard French Premiere

Variations on Leonard French is a film that I’ve been working on for the last few months, and it’s finally ready to be seen! This Saturday, 18 November, in honour of La Trobe University’s 50th anniversary, it will premiere at dusk at their Melbourne Campus with a 29-piece live orchestra score composed by Tamil Rogeon and performed by the Australian Youth Orchestra.

This screening forms the centrepiece of La Trobe’s soundvision anniversary celebration. Also performing are GL, The Bombay Royale, The RAAH Project and Emma Donovan.

The film is an abstract homage to Leonard French’s “The Four Seasons”, the most prominent artwork at the La Trobe University Sculpture Park. We shot hours of closeup footage of the stained glass works over two nights, and every frame of the film is sourced from the artwork — spliced and layered together to create something otherworldly. The location is fantastic, it’s the Academic Lawn overlooking a beautiful pond. The stage has a gigantic LED screen, and from tests we’ve done, it has blown my mind.

The piece was commissioned by Christian Wagstaff (creator of “House of Mirrors”) on behalf of the university.