20 Mar 2012

Clara Updates

I had the first script meeting with QPIX on the weekend. Having not been down the film funding route before I approached with a little trepidation, but to my surprise and delight the selection committee totally understood what I’m trying to do with the film. Any suggestions for changes were really just about clearing up ambiguous writing. The script supervisor even recognised my nod to Antonioni’s The Passenger, which I had actually forgotten about since writing the script. The best thing was that at this stage the committee aren’t concerned with the length, which at 20 minutes is twice the guidelines’ stipulations.

I resubmit within two weeks but the changes between first and second draft will be mostly cosmetic. The strand apparently received 140 entries, which was narrowed to a shortlist of 12, and at this stage I’m confident we’ll go into production.

Update 28 June:

Today was the final script meeting with QPIX. The film is now green lit for production with myself as director. I’m meeting with the proposed producer in the next few days. The delivery date is 31 October.